I suffer from slipped disc . Can anyone suggest anything?

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asked Oct 28, 2015 by sudarshan
Please suggest if yoga can help me relief from slipped disc. I contracted this disorder while lifting heavy weight backwards and suddenly got back pain.

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answered Oct 30, 2015 by Gulshan Kumar (16,490 points)
A few months ago, I also suffered from slipped disc because of some accident.

The following actions worked for me and now I am again to absolutely normal without any restrictions in any range of motion:

(i) Rest (on the mat on the ground avoiding soft mattress/bed) with some relaxation postures, though I was on my daily routine activities with restricted mobility - 2 weeks.
(ii) Hot & Cold Fomentation on affected area of lower back for half an hour - 3-4 times a day
(iii) Accupressure for 10-15 minutes twice a day - especially on foot area for slipped disc/ lumbar area.

(iv) Avoid any bending or lifting weight.

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