Anulom vilom (Vibrations / Twitching)

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asked May 9, 2013 by anonymous
edited May 9, 2013

Dear sir,
Thank you very much for your valuable suggestions and prompt response. As advised by you, today, I have performed only normal deep breathing exercise (from both nostrils) for about 5 minutes first and another 5 minutes after little gap. I observed inhalation breathing and exhalation breathing as you said. After performing this normal deep breathing exerice, I observed similar sysmptoms of twitching but the intensity is somewhat less as compared to the symptoms after performing Anulom vilom. I mean the intesity may be I can say it is about 80% in normal deep breathing exercise.

To elaborate the twitching symptoms again and more precisely, the symptoms may be now considered as similar to palpitations (for better understanding).

Thus, overall after completion of pranayam, I feel palpitations like symptoms in both limbs (more) and rest of the body (less). One palpitation occur in one limb (About 1 sec) and anoher palpipation occur in another limb (About 1 sec) and it is rhythemic / continous for some time and will disappear after resting or after some point of time.

Further after completion of both pranayams, I feel  flow of oxygen in entire body and the mind feels cool. However during performing the pranayam, I would say that Iam not concentrating 100% on breathing…..sometimes I will concentrate and sometimes the mind wanders and again I will come back and focus on breathing…..It happens like that.

Please suggest and provide your valuable inputs based on my overall symptoms shared. Kindly suggest whether I should proceed with AV pranayam or not.

Thanks in advance again.



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answered May 10, 2013 by Gulshan Kumar (16,490 points)
Dear Krishna,

Thank you for writing back and following the instructions. However, the practice was not meant to practise deep breathing, rather it was meant for observing or watching the rhythm of breath without interferring with it. Just see the breath - how it goes outside and comes inside - feel the touch of air with the inner wall of the nostrils - feel the temperature of incoming air and outgoing air ( as discussed earlier).  I may let you know that my objective is to find out as to whether it is because of breathing practice or simply sitting posture and hence, I will also like to know how you sit in sukhasana and the surface where you sit.

Kindly revert with the feedback after the above mentioned practice as well as posture under which you use to practice pranayama.

Om Shanti!
asked May 12, 2013 by anonymous Anulom vilom (vibrations)

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