Anulom vilom (Vibrations in body)

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asked May 8, 2013 by anonymous

Dear Sir,


Thanks for your reply. I was happy to see your detailed response. Your response clarified few of my doubts. However as you have asked more information aboutme as well as how I practice this pranayama, Iam providing the details below.



Pranayam performing: Anulom vilom

Time: 7PM-7.30PM

Gender: Male

Age: 37



I am practicing Anulom Vilom pranyama in the following manner.


Initially i will start with deep breathing from both nostrils for about 2minutes.


Then, I will start doing Anulom vilom in the following pattern:


  1. Sits in sukhasana position and i will close my eyes. Simply, I will rest my left hand on left knee. (I dont know what to call this "mudra").
  2. I will close my right nostril with my right thumb
  3. I will start breath from my left nostril.
  4. I will open right nostril and close left nostril with little finger and ring finger
  5. I will breath out from right nostril.
  6. I will breathe in from right nostril, close the right nostril
  7. and I will open left nostril and breathe out.
  8. With this i will consider this as one cycle completed. (There is no retention of breath in anywhere of the cycle)
  9. I will repeat steps 1 to 7 continuolsly for about 7 Minutes. (I will complete about 20 rounds in 7 minutes).
  10. Then I will relax and will take breath from both nostrils for about 1min.
  11. After doing this i feel like minor inner vibrations or shaking or involuntary movements or jerks or twitching in whole body especially in legs. The above symptoms appears to be inner feeling and are not visible to naked eye. I mean if I open my eyes and see my body / legs, there is no shaking actually. These symptoms will continue for few minutes until I sit in sukhasana pose. Then i will rest in shavasana pose for few minutes and these symptoms will disappear.
  12. I will repeat steps 1 to 11 again in the same manner. This finishes my entire Anulom vilom pranayama for that day.


Please let me know whether I am doing pranayama correctly and also let me know whether the symptoms like inner vibrations or shaking or involuntary movements are normal or does it leads to any danger. Please provide me your valuable suggestions and changes to me made.


Thnaks in advance.



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answered May 9, 2013 by Gulshan Kumar (16,490 points)

Dear yog enthusiast,

I welcome you for your follow up as well as thank you for very nicely elaborated & self-explanatory reply.

You are practising the pranayama absolutely right (starting from left nostril and coming back to left nostril breathing through right nostril breathing). I recommend little addition (you shall be doing) - first exhale from left nostril and then start the pranayama as you mentioned. It has no adverse effects subject to the condition that you practice without tiredness and overstrain. Asanam sthiram sukham meaning thereby that posture is that which is steady and comfortable. If any of these two conditions are not fulfilled, the whole practice becomes erratic.

However, to find out the cause, I may recommend you to just leave the pranayama and sit for the same duration as you use to spend during the pranayama. Just observe your breath; watch how the breath enters in and through the nostrils while touching the walls of the nostrils and how the breath comes out through the nostrils while touching the walls of nostrils. Also feel the temperature of inhaled breath and exhaled breath. Feel the relatively coolness of the incoming breath and relatively warmness of the outgoing breath. (observe means just observe without interferring with the rhythm of the breath; you just observe the rhythm even. 

Kindly follow the above practice in place of pranayama in question for 2- 3 days, and then follow up with the observations with regard to twitching in the lower limbs during the suggested practice. Even you can follow up with observation for one day practice.

Be Happy and peaceful!

asked May 9, 2013 by anonymous
edited May 9, 2013
Anulom vilom (Vibrations / Twitching)

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