vibrations in body

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asked May 6, 2013 by anonymous
I am doing Anulom vilom pranayam in sukana pose for 10 – 15 minutes / around 40 rounds in the evening after 7 PM from past 3 weeks. I am doing this exercise on empty stomach without retention of breath. I am suffering from little high blood pressure and I am doing this to control HBP and to improve my overall health. I am feeling good now after doing this pranayam, my mild headache appears to be disappeared and overall I feel better now. I am experiencing the following symptoms while doing and mostly after completion of Anulom vilom pranayam:
1. Minor involuntary movements or minor jerks or vibrations in both sides of body mostly I can say in both sides of legs / limbs. I feel like inner palpitations on both sides of body and I feel like balancing on both sides.
The said symptoms will disappear if I go to resting pose such as shavasana. My doubt is that whether the above said symptoms are good/normal symptoms or does these leads to any danger. What is the reason behind for Minor involuntary movements / minor jerks in both sides of body. I learnt from internet that Anulom vilom pranayam awakens Kundalini. Does the symptoms I am experiencing leads to Kundalini awakening. I am afraid after learning about Kundalini from internet. I am practicing this pranayam to control BP and improve my overall health and NOT for the purpose of Kundalini awakening. Does 10 -15 minutes of doing Anulom vilom pranayam awakens Kundalini. Is it safe to perform Anulom vilom pranayam for 10 – 15 minutes for my condition and for improving my health and NOT for the purpose of Kundalini awakening. Should I stop this pranayama?

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answered May 7, 2013 by Gulshan Kumar (16,490 points)
Dear yoga enthusiast, congrats on your new yoga schedule, I think you are doing right and still you can continue with the same pranayama practice. However, still I would like to know as to how do you practice the anulom-vilom pranayama - mudra of your hands, your thoughts during your practice, your age/ gender, etc. so as to enable me to suggest you with clarity.

I presume that the vibrations may be due to fatigue of muscles in the lower limbs for continuously stretched sukhasana posture for 15-20 minutes. Kundalini awakening requires sadhana, purification of diet, purification of thoughts, purification of body, etc. which gives glimpses as soon as most of the naadis become purified through pranayamas.

In the first instance, I may suggest you to practice pranayama after ensuring that you are relaxed and not tired out of the chaotic work/ engagements of the whole day. Pranayama in the early stages be practiced without retention of breath as well as with fully harmony and relaxed mind. When breathe in and out, do it slowly and you should be fully aware of your breathe. Breathe like your are drinking the air through nostrils, such should be your awareness and then you will enjoy the pranayama.  Spine be straight.

I hope that I have been able to reply your query with your full satisfaction in the first instance. I expect your follow-up to allow me to suggest precisely.
asked May 8, 2013 by anonymous Anulom vilom (Vibrations in body)

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