Friend with sciatica scared to do lots of poses. Body now all out of alignment. Help.

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asked Mar 30, 2013 by anonymous
Friend has sciatica pain. Body out of alignment - leaning in tree, shavasana done at an angle - and not aware of it. How can I help her? In 50s, lives in the UK, housewife.

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answered Sep 1 by Gulshan (380 points)

Though its is very late to answer, but i am mentioning it for sake of other readers.

  • Hot and cold fomentation will certainly help. 10 rounds of hot and cold fomentation thrice or four times a day will help to heal faster.
  • Complete rest on hard bed (without cushions). Remember no activity and complete rest.
  • Vitamin C tablets will improve healing process.
  • Accupressure on points of hands and foot will help.
  • No bending or exercise, Say no to them completely.
  • Reduce pain killers. Let pain be your friend. Pain indicates that you are wrong in your posture or doing exertion on your body. But if you have taken pain killers, you will not be aware of any incorrect posture because of absence of pain.
  • Consult the physiotherapist and qualified yoga therapist.

If you have need explanation on above points, comment on this answer. I will definitely be happy to help.

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