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The main basis of Raj Yoga Meditation is soul consciousness, God Consciousness (Supreme Soul Consciousness) and Supreme Abode (Param Dham) and transformation of this world from kaliyug - iron age to golden age. The consciousness of the soul means that one has to be in consciousness of self as subtle tiny star with faculties of mind, intellect and sansakars (memories/habits) controlling its all the karmendriyas and gyanendriyas and that is why it is called raja-yoga system of meditation where one becomes king of self. One has to treat itself as tiny star like soul living in the physical body and develop the feeling of bodiless and simultaneously, in this consciousness doing the normal work and hence becoming karma yogi also. Then in the remembrance of self as not the body and only the soul with the above called faculties, one has to be in constant remembrance or consciousness of Supreme Soul who is again tiny star but sarvshaktimaan and beyond the cycle of death and birth. In the constant consciousness, raja yogi gains powers from the God.

Through this, the ego of your body will end. If you have no remembrance of bodily beings in your intellect you can become a constant yogi. The rajayogi renounces the ego of the body and become soul conscious. So, this yogi is called raj-rishi being having self-sovereignty.  Such Raj Rishis cannot have attachment to anything – any persons or any things because they have sovereignty, and they therefore have their minds, intellects and sanskars under their own control. When there is disinterest, there cannot be the slightest attachment, even in thought, to the world.

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What is definition of your soul?

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