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Raja means King so, raja yoga is the king of all yogas. 

How is this king of all yogas - because it is the yoga through which the soul becomes a sovereign over its mind, intellect and personality, thereby ruling the sense organs of the body and being in complete control of any situation. 

One can do raja yoga meditation by first becoming in Soul consciousness and then God consciousness

Soul Consciousness (Remembering ourselves as soul and not a body) - just doing the following thoughts culture:

what is the "I"?

I am a soul... I am the life force... I am the driver..I, the soul, .... a tiny star.. have no size...I am really just a pinpoint of light... I can easily detach from the world around me... from my throne between my brows, ...I am the ruler of all my sense organs..I fell far away from the problems of the day.... I am just a peaceful soul...all others are wouls like me...all tiny shining stars..


Param Dham Consciousness (Remembering the home of the Soul)

I am a soul.... my attention is now focussed totally on this... no longer does the physical world  pull on my thoughts...on the screen of my mind. I picture my destination... a world of light beyond the sun and the stars...a region of soft and subtle, golden-red light...on the wings of thoughts...I fly there...leaving the physical world behind...my destination is clear... I see myself... a pure sparkling star... shining... I experience natural original qualities of peace, love, power, joy... I recognise this world... my sweet home...total stillness... total silence... I am just a tiny spark radiating peace in my sweat home of golden-red light... since leaving here so many births ago...I have been trying to find my way back here. .. now I am here... full of peace...full of love... full of contentment.


God Consciousness (Remembering the Supreme Soul)

I am in front of the Father of the soul... I feel myself being drawn like a needle towrd a magnet ... As I come closer I realise who it is that I am in front of.. I recognize my Supreme Father... a blissfully radiant orb of pure and unlimited love... a star-like entity like myself but with unlimited power... I picture this meeting.. I, the soul, am meeting the Supreme Soul.. the ocean of love... the ocean of peace... the ocean of knowledge... radiating so much power... I, the would, am in union with the One whom I have been seeking for so many births... how lucky I am to be able to come here to absorb all the qualities and powers of the Supreme Soul... my fortune is so great... waves from this ocean of love break on the shore of my mind.. unlimited peace.. all burdens are melting in the fire of this love... I am now stable... with the changeless one... He is not in the physical world... I realise how much time I have wasted looking for the incorporeal in the physical world... You are the source of peace... I am now with You in our home of golden-red light... filling myself with Your perfect qualities.

You can also experience at http://youtu.be/9ar5tQQuLAI

Benefits of Raja Yoga Meditation:

We get 8 Spiritual Powers - As we sit in soul consciousness in silent rememberance of the Supreme Soul, it fills with strength which manifests in eight spiritual powers:

  • The Power To Withdraw
  • The Power To Pack Up
  • The power of Tolerance
  • The Power to Accommodate
  • The Power of Judgement
  • The Power of Discrimination
  • The Power to Face
  • The Power to Cooperate

Apart from the spiritual effects, our physical health is also improved, as the removal of stress and tension is one of the most important advantage for a person doing raja yoga  meditation. Stress plays a major role in provoking simple problems like headaches and indigestion, chronic problems like asthma and ulcers and even long term illness such as heart and respiratory problems or even cancer. 

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Can I do the raja yoga meditation at home?

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